Kesang Marstrand

Обложка альбома Kesang Marstrand After discovering her passion for music via a piano in the common room of a schoolhouse in Colorado, Kesang Marstrand knew that it would be an inseparable part her life. As a teen, she entertained the hope of one day becoming a classical pianist and composer, but her family's move to New York City while she was in high school prompted her to exchange the piano for the ever-more-mobile acoustic guitar. Born in Woodstock, New York, to a Danish mother and Tibetan father, the young musician sought out inspiration that was as varied as her cultural background. With artists like David Bowie, Patsy Cline, Ani DiFranco, and classical artists, both Eastern and Western, to guide her, she began to write her own songs and to explore the possibilities her guitar and voice offered her. Kesang Marstrand has been writing and performing for the past decade. In November of 2008, she released her debut album, "Bodega Rose", a contemplative, acoustic work that includes accompaniment by renowned musician and composer, Karl Berger.
  • Трек: Skyrocket
  • Исполнитель (артист): Kesang Marstrand
  • Длительность 4:15
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • 3:10
    Kesang MarstrandEndless Skies
  • 4:27
    Kesang MarstrandThe Slightest Sound
  • 4:14
    Kesang MarstrandSay Say Say
  • 3:18
    Kesang MarstrandOur Myth
  • 3:48
    Kesang MarstrandLittle Abyss
  • 3:46
    Kesang MarstrandSomething to Prove You Right
  • 3:10
    Kesang MarstrandEndless Skies
  • 3:34
    Kesang Marstrand **Grow a Garden
  • 2:50
    Kesang MarstrandArrow Breaks Skin
  • 2:44
    Kesang MarstrandFor My Love []
  • 3:44
    Kesang MarstrandThe Spell I'm Under
  • 2:25
    Kesang MarstrandFirst Love
  • 4:32
    Kesang MarstrandColorless Farewell
  • 2:30
    Kesang MarstrandSleepy Town
  • 2:47
    Kesang MarstrandMagical Thinking
  • 5:18
    Kesang MarstrandToday Next Year
  • 3:18
    Kesang MarstrandOur Myth
  • 2:40
    Kesang MarstrandSomething to Prove You Right []
  • 3:44
    Kesang MarstrandThe Spell I'm Under
  • 2:37
    kesang marstrandnight planes
  • 3:23
    Kesang MarstrandI Fell into a Darkness
  • 3:49
    Kesang MarstrandBodega Rose
  • 11:32
    Kesang MarstrandTibet Will Be Free
  • 3:07
    Kesang MarstrandIn the Land of Dreams
  • 4:04
    Kesang MarstrandThin Skin
  • 2:58
    Kesang MarstrandWalking Dream []
  • 2:54
    Kesang Marstrand*Tibet Will Be Free
  • 4:14
    Marstrand, KesangSay Say Say
  • 5:34
    Kesang MarstrandThe Choir Sighed
  • 3:43
    Kesang MarstrandWhen You Returned
  • 3:43
    Kesang MarstrandReal Boy
  • 3:38
    Kesang MarstrandKarmapa Khyeno
  • 3:30
    Kesang MarstrandAny Kind of Bridge
  • 3:49
    Kesang MarstrandBodega Rose
  • 3:29
    Kesang MarstrandLioness
  • 6:36
    Kesang MarstrandI've Seen Better Days
  • 2:11
    Kesang MarstrandTibet Will Be Free