Twista Feat. T-Pain

  • Трек: Creep Fast (feat. T-Pain) (Amended Album Version)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Twista featuring T-Pain
  • Длительность 3:31
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Twista featuring T-Pain - Creep Fast (feat. T-Pain) (Amended Album Version)"

    (police! we have a search warrant)

    C'mon c'mon eh T-Pain, its Twista come this way, we gotta creep fast

    Watch as I hit it through the middle of the city in the chevy
    And I'm ready with the woofas that'll flip your block
    And I got the tick and a machete for the niggas actin' petty
    Get to talkin an I'm a heat up your block
    If you wanna bring your boys
    Better bring the toys
    Better bring the noise
    I'm a pump both up with ammunition
    Bodies I be hittin when I get to spittin everybody
    Shoulda broke and ain't nobody listen so now I...

    Roll on 24's when I'm on your tip
    They don't know who I am ain't no body talkin shit
    Tell me when did they ever think that I was a ho
    Cause I got killas with me crips, bloods, g's and folks

    And we be focused on the paper when we be up in the kitchen
    When we thinkin about the money on the steady come up and I got the niggas
    That be ready for whatever with a whole war chest if a nigga run up
    Ak 47, desert eagle, sk, mac 11 for the niggas that'll try to run up
    Nigga what ya want I'm a bone thug get you while your sleeping
    Cause you know I'm creepin on ah come up

    [Hook: T-Pain]
    Mother-fuckas actin like they don't know me
    But they know just who I am, I'm a mother-fuckin killa gorilla nigga
    You better act like you understand
    Cause I'm a killer a mass murderer the realest nigga that you ever heard of
    Mother fuckas actin like don't the deal
    But they know just wat to do
    Every body talkin in the streets so you know that I'm comin straight for you
    I'm a killa a mass murderer the realest nigga you ever heard of

    Quit the playin nigga and get over on the Twista I'm a see you when I see you
    And I wouldn't want to be you
    Got the Desert Eagle
    When I'm rollin in the Regal
    And I'm lookin at you evil
    Through the eye of a needle
    Not a misdemeanor
    But a murder with a millimeter
    Feel the heat of Twista when I'm bustin at your whip
    I get a burglar when I be comin for your shit
    I'm a get you for your goods when I run up in your crib

    Tell me where your jewelry at
    Where your safe
    Don't make me have to smack this ugly bitch in her face
    Is it behind the portrait or is it
    In your floor just let me know so that I can hit it up
    Cause I gots to go
    Cause I gotta throw it so I had to lick on them niggas
    Cause it used to be that if I had to hit em I'mma get em
    Never ride a burgundy lamborghini murcielago through the city
    Because I know that'll kill em
    Averagin a 100 yards a game
    My competition better back up
    I'm the e running back
    Niggas that ain't ready get the machete
    For the lyrical jason of rap I'mma keep comin back

    [Hook: T-Pain]

    The lyrical assassin the pocket I got in
    I be attackin the track
    And I got a package of the good
    See a legendary representa for the city
    Cause I put it down ever since I been rappin in the hood
    17 years of goin and flowin
    And showin these niggas when it come to beaten me nobody could
    I was spittin venom ever sense the days ugk been rappin
    And talkin about puttin diamonds on the wood

    Pullin up in a old cadillac before I got some thangs
    And I got that gwap and the numba one spot now I ride a range
    And because I spit that crack is the reason we got some change
    And if we ain't makin money off rap then we got them thangs

    Got the 8 dollar hollas two for 15's
    A 4 and a split a nine piece so you can hit the whole brick
    How I win it by makin a 100 every summer
    Pullin up in the hummer can make a nigga so sick
    How we constantly come up with hits and steady be gettin fans
    Is only because a nigga flows sick
    Showin no debate everybody know I'm great
    Any muthafuckas that hate can suck my dick

    [Hook: T-Pain]

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